məmălēə/ [Ma-male-ya]

We are a collection of goods for breastfeeding moms.
Root words including “mammal,” “mama,” and “alia.” Mammal being recognized for breastfeeding in the animal kingdoms. Mama for the importance of motherhood. And alia meaning a collection of things.

Owner & Inventor

Dear Mama,

As a breastfeeding mom like you, I know it’s a journey that can be difficult and taxing at times. But those moments—when little eyes and hands captivate us—make it all worthwhile.

Despite the challenges, I’ve been determined to make breastfeeding work for the sake of my baby’s health. That’s why my decision to breastfeed lying down has been a lifesaver! To be able to rest and nurse is such a blessing, especially in the early days of postpartum recovery.

I hope that the Mamalia Side-lying Back Support Wedge brings you peace and comfort while you care for your precious baby.