Finally, a side-lying breastfeeding pillow to support nursing moms.

Introducing the Mamalia Side-lying Back Support Wedge—a back support pillow for nursing moms who need to rest.

This patent-pending design focuses on comfort and space.

There are two primary components to our back support pillow design. The first is the round tube-shaped bolster that supports the back. The second is our unique wedge, that when used is entrapped under the side of the body. This secures the pillow in place and minimizes the frustration of adjusting the pillow support.

The Mamalia Pillow relieves discomfort.

The pillow is placed along the length of the back; starting at the shoulder blades and extending past the tail-bone. The wedge component is entrapped under the body. This allows the user to lean their body weight backward while also securing the pillow in place. This mechanism dispurses the downward pressure felt on the hips and back while nursing in the side-lying position.

Why might you need extra back support?

If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or recovering from a cesarean section delivery, lying on your side is an important component of your rest.

Pregnant woman and breastfeeding moms, for a time, have a hormone present in their bodies called relaxin. Relaxin can cause symptoms such as reduced stability in the pelvis and joints. So while lying down or sleeping on their sides, pregnant woman and breastfeeding moms can experience increased discomfort in their joints, pelvis, and back.

Also, mothers who have experienced cesarean sections struggle
to nurse their babies across the front of their bodies as they recover from surgery. Extended side-lying can lead to much physical discomfort for these women.

This pillow is a space saver.

The streamlined design of our Back Support Pillow relieves the frustration of using many pillows or folded pillows to gain support. It also reduces the amount of space needed in bed for extra pillows. This allows more flexibility for your unique nursing situation. Whether you nurse for naps, to rest, or for nighttime sleep, the Mamalia Wedge is a sleek solution for your needs.

Invest in the quality of your rest.

The one thing that most moms are lacking is rest and sleep; especially nursing moms. Improve the quality of your sleep and your overall well-being with the help of the Mamalia Side-lying Back Support Wedge Pillow. You deserve better sleep!